Mr. and Mrs. Bosco Mukholi are the founders of Str8way Child Rescue center-based Manafwa District in Uganda. They received a calling to go back to their local communities and serve particularly the Orphaned and vulnerable children.

They began their work way back in 2013 and later on registered the ministry in the year 2015 under the Ugandan Government as a non-profit making organization.

For Bosco and Nancy Mukholi, it was not about the wealth they since they started very simple and didn’t even have enough for their family. Theirs is a true story of dedication, commitment and clear call from God to stand in for vulnerable children.

Their intention was not to start and orphanage but rather a child rescue center. At SWCRC, vulnerable or orphaned children are taken care of in a situation where a parent dies during birth, in cases of malnutrition or the child being in a very unhealthy environment that will prevent them from having a suitable environment for proper child development

The children stay at the rescue center for a while and then they are taken back to the community when they are stable. Support to such children goes on especially in areas of Education, health care and mentorship.

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