Bibles Given to Lwanda Classic Pupils

We were privileged to have gotten donations to give every child at the Lwanda Classic School a bible. We are very grateful for the kind gesture from one of our partners. We strongly believe in raising children under strong Christian values under biblical guidance. Raising spiritually grounded children is one of the things that we value so much as a ministry.

Lwanda Classic School is part of the Str8way Ministry’s Project. Our aim is to provide affordable education to needy children in the community. A few of the pupils, we have are being sponsored fully, especially those raised up in the rescue center.

You can be part of this work by sponsoring a few students as God enables you.

Baby Elly Story

Elly is one of the beneficiaries of the Child Rescue Center at Str8way. She was brought in when he mother passed on after delivery and there was no one to take good care of her. We pray for baby Elly to grow well, socially spiritual,ly and physically as we trust God to continually provide for her. She is an addition to the 45 children already at the rescue center.

Fell free to adopt and or support baby Elly by putting a comment below the article. It costs about USD 200 dollars to take good care of baby Elly interms of her health, food shelter and clothing.

Lwanda Classic School

Lwanda Classic School is a project of Str8wayministries. It is meant to provide affordable, quality, and sponsored education to the vulnerable children in Manafwa District in Uganda.

More information would be added as we continue to update the website

Meet Baby Sharon

She came along with her Elder Sister who later on passed on

New arrivals, this needs prays and also support this time friends. The two kids are sisters, one is one day old girl and the other is 1-year-old girl. The one day follow the 1 year , their mother died yesterday and we went for her burial this afternoon once conducted to rescue. The baby looked better than the one-year one hence we decided to take both. Their mother died at age of 22 years with 4 children. The Fourth she delivered and died thereafter.

Health Care Facility Needed

I have realized that as many people stay together, health issues increase and affect the performance and ability to meet targets and cause stress that leads to another sickness in someone’s life whose concern is to see that the children are doing well on a daily basis. Pray with us for a medical emergency center for our children. Can you imagine having over 25 children very sick at the same time and you have to divide them into two to save both children the sick at the health center and the normal at the rescue center. Prayers for Mama Watoto Nancy Mukholi struggling, she is passionate about the children but developing health issues due to the health issues of the children under her care and around her in the community who are struggling with health issues.
Please stand with us in prayer. it’s our second prayer request.